Can the leaders demonstrate the ability to conform to diversity before the so called rainbow nation become a reality.

South Africa is a diversified nation that is divided even the great Nelson Mandela can attest to that in his grave. The country is culturally segregated in a sense that differences in ideologies occurs and drag the nation from attaining a potential harmonious growth that is inclusive and peaceful everyone. No doubt the South African constitution seeks to build a democratic nation that works for everyone in this country by giving everyone the right to form and associate with any political party of their choice. However, this has created much isolation within the different ethnic groups of our country particularly the white and the black people of this nation.
The unity that everyone want to see can only take place if the different political parties especially the powerful ones such as the African National Congress and the Democratic Alliance combine and become a powerful unified party that stand to represent its people and ensure that the services are delivered impartially and without bias. In that way, we will have leaders who not only preach the unified South Africa they want to create but lead by example and become a single party that is representative of the South African people at large. Let’s see a white Minister of Water and Sanitation be deputed by a Tsonga minister present the country’s strategic goal that ensures that our people receive the quality of water service they are entitled to.
Let’s see a black minister of finance present a budget speech to the people and be supported by a coloured deputy minister in their department. In short, all departments must be representative of the South African people from the top hierarchy of the South African president to the lower level of the government. Let the different ethnic groups collaborate with each other on a strategic move that lead to poverty alleviation and decrease the level of unemployment. The leaders will no doubt influence the people to embrace the rainbow nation and accept that we can only move forward if we adjust our differences towards a common positive goal.
The ministers must be constantly rotated every year to ensure that every race and culture is included in the country’s decision making. Such a coalition will promote unity and peace for every South African and released us from this exhausting racism debates that only deteriorates our already isolated nation. We will also see the accountability that the people demand given that the leaders are diversified and want to make the needs of its people a priority. We will also waste our time discussing how to overcome the economic problems of this country such as the issue of being downgraded to junk status.
If the leaders create the rainbow nation that we all wish for not only are going to have the spirit of patriotism but we will also instil a sense of belong and pride to the diversified people of South Africa. By demonstrating that a rainbow nation is possible the leaders will create a map for the segregated people of South Africa to follow and reach the destination of creating a mutual and enjoyable rainbow country that unite the nation. We will have less problems if we unite, the introduction of policies such as the radical economic transformation will surely benefit everyone. Furthermore, if we have leaders that represent the South African people at large we will avoid having unethical leaders who use political patronage to manipulate voters to be in their favour using things such as the “race card” to influence marginalized people to vote for them because a certain party stands for a certain group of people. The rainbow nation that Tata Nelson Mandela envisioned when he became in power will materialize if the chosen leaders come together with their differences and serve the needs of the people.
In ratiocination, our nation can only become a united nation if the people at the top of the food-chain certify that a rainbow nation is possible by developing harmonious relations with their different respective cultures and races. People are likely to learn a thing or two from people of influence hence, we need the policy makes to stop acting like they are in a revolution that fights against a certain race or culture and start to act like a unified nation that can only happen if we mould our differences towards a common positive goal that benefit all. It is unfortunate that the amount of choice our constitution gives us has led to dividends within the different cultures and races of South African people but that can only change if the people at the top start to construct the rainbow nation umbrella. In that way the South African dream of a rainbow nation is feasible!


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