Why do I write

It goes without saying that you never know that you can pull off something until you try it. I eat humble pie admitting that I was one of those kids in school who promised no potential in any talent when growing up. In my mind I always asked myself what talent do I possess which ultimately lead to frustrations and envy that bring depression and belittling oneself.
I tried everything my peers were good at from soccer, rap, fishing, hunting, you name it, only to find out that my performance was flawed. Some of the guys used to look into my innocent face and tell the white lie in order to keep the vibe going. Because I was naive I kept believing I’m doing my best and kept on enjoying mediocrity at its best. As you grow up you begin to judge yourself and realize that you not doing the right thing in what you enjoy the most and decide to stop because it brings nothing but embarrassment to you and the people who fond for you.
I used to read sometimes not by choice, but because we were compelled at school to try and understand the common tongue. Then I realized that I can do what the authors are doing which is playing with words to produce meaning. But I have no intention of emulating the greatest writers in history, I write because I can’t conceal my thoughts and believe that writing will be an outlet to what I’m feeling inside. I write because I can only express my feelings more strongly and accurately than vocally. Writing is part of communication and using the right kinds of words to write brings connection between the author and the reader.
I write because it’s awesome and brings pleasure to play with the power of words because written words speak to the mind, I can’t help myself but share my thoughts on what is happening around me through the written word. I write because words are used to store history and where are we without our history. The written words can be used to express a command of respect and compliance, looking at the likes of the constitution and the holy bible. I write because writing is one of the abilities no one told me I’m competent at but me.
Writing is a productive hobby that not only expand your vocabulary but improve your logical reasoning and intellectual creativity. The art of writing makes my thinking visible and express the person I am.


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