Gender equality: Does it have to be one or the other?

Men are abusers. Men don’t take responsibility for their faults. Men don’t have the capacity to raise a child unless there’s a woman involved. In every successful man there’s a woman involved. Men always want to be superior to women. Men always want to take the lead. Men are not wise enough to create a harmonious home. A child is not in safe hands should the father win the custody case. And so on and so on all in the name of framing a man the bad guy in society.

As I type this I’m suffering from indignation from the series I recently deleted in my hard-drive after watching a couple of episodes because I knew I wouldn’t survive the other seasons of a show that has a derogation agenda towards the male gender.

It seems like we are building a society where the masculine trait is being diminished with all sorts of negative stereotypical claims with the intention of making the opposite sex appear holy, perfect, compassionate, loving, wise and heroic. I mean there’s no doubt that gender inequality exists in this world, but do we have to rob men of their native good qualities such as wisdom, caring and respectful with the cross-purpose of fighting gender inequality?

This stereotypical habit has now become a norm that even dominates the entertainment industry in such a way that one can predict what would happen to a TV show. We are now being painted as the bad guys who lack conventional consciousness in society all in the name of ensuring that we share the same opportunities with our opposite sex. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a firm believer in a world where gender inequality doesn’t exist. I also long for a world where women take as many leadership positions as men. However, it seems like we are fighting this inequality by relegating the male trait to a place they should endure the burden of negativity.

It appears we are uplifting women by degrading the males with all sorts of negative stereotypical views that derive from generalisation. Of course, some women are victims of sexual assaults, physical abuse and gender inequality is high but let’s not fight such despicable things by generalising that all men are the instigators of such crimes. We have events such as your Mother’s Day and Women’s Day celebrated every year with the intention of empowering women but men seldom share the same experience come Father’s Day. You can all call me ignorant, but I never heard of Men’s Day.


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