Growing up I didn’t appreciate the idea that people have a different view of what I believe in. I would often raise a point to my peers only to find out their penny of thought contrast my arguments which made things difficult in our relationships in terms of trust and support. I use to think they hate me because I often take the roads that are less traveled and my point of views was usually not following the bandwagon. Personally, I don’t enjoy discussing something I barely understand for the sake of fitting in.

It’s typically that when you join varsity you tend to meet different people with different backgrounds, fortunately when I registered at Varsity I happened to meet my friend who sees the world as opposed to my perception. We spend most of our time discussing current issues of national interest such as your fees must fall and in our discussion we challenge each other in such a way that we end up frustrated. What really intrigued me is that we tend to ponder about our earlier discussions and later confront each other in order to determine who needs to eat the humble pie by verifying certain facts.

Constantly doing this exercise allowed me to be open minded and accept other people’s opinions. It made me realize that if you constantly doing the same thing you will never change your mindset. I’m now an open minded person who see multiple opportunities because of allowing alternative ways of doing things in my mind. It’s fair to deduce that my opposing friend gave an opportunity for the mind to transform for the better.





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