Are we valuing the Americans so much


When South Africa was transformed to be a free country in the year 1994 it was a time for us to inspire others as Africans, it was the moment when a diversified society was formed after decades of apartheid in a country that was colonized by white people according to history. Apparently, that is not happening at a time when we should embrace our humanity as Africans, instead we aspire to be the “Kanye West of South Africa” or the “South African Barack Obama’’.

The point is we South Africans have the tendency to portray our much celebrate people in the American way instead of being proud of our unique talents. The worst part about this is that some of the people we look up to relish being fake Americans with no shame at all, that leaves a room for one to wonder that even if he/she can make it big in life they got a long way to go until they enjoy who they are, because being an American is the accepted standard way of appreciating your accomplishments. It has been a trend to simulate our Singers, actors, political leaders and other influential people to their overseas counterparts.

Well, I was taught that when you see a problem you must not dwell on it rather look for its cause and come up with a solution. The problem here is not us per say, the media is the instigator of such fuss about the Americans. Needless to say, I’m not implying that our brothers and sisters who aspire to make it big in the United State they are making a mistake by dreaming to be celebrated there. However, we should not glamorous the American life as this “Heaven” that we all wish to occupy one day.

You want to know why because it boosts their GDP revenue in such a way that their produced materials have more value and sell at ridiculous prices. Perhaps we should copy their methods of patriotism and not help them succeed.

Most people know now that its election time in the United States particularly young people, it’s funny because 80% of young people in SA have not registered to vote (including me) ahead of the local government elections but we know who are the two presidential candidates who are contesting for the White house thanks to our beloved media. There is even a special broadcast of the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump battle for the next president of the United State, (you can tune to ANN7 channel 405 every Friday at 15:30 if you want to know what I’m talking about). Not to say they are not concentrating on our politics but a special broadcast of another countries problems is not necessary.

In a nutshell, let’s proudly celebrate what we produce in the South African way and not try to emulate the Americans because doing so undervalue our abilities and diminish our talents. I’m with the view that we have the greatest talent that needs to be treated with the respect it deserves so that we can enjoy it, the reason being that it’s our culture and Culture define our roots.

Shat out to Hlaudi Motsoeneng  90% is lekker.


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