What? Leicester City winning the league no way.

No one can tell me they envisaged Leicester city winning the league or knew that an average team like Leicester will be competing in the champions’ league next season. In the Barclays Premier League we usually expect teams like Manchester United, City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal to perform very well in the league but this year we have witnessed history in the making, in today’s football that seems very predictable. It was the year when the football fraternity started to understand that having a lot of money and good reputation does not always lead to success.

It all started as a dream at the King Power stadium when the Foxes started defeating big guns, winning game after game and occupying the top spot, Jamie Vardy leading the top scoring chart and no one notice that we are about to witness Leicester embarrassing big teams. At that moment as a football fan I was so ignorant that I didn’t even notice how Leicester have played I couldn’t even read pronounce the name “Leicester”, when I check the Log the only teams I was paying attention to was Arsenal and Manchester City thinking they are the only teams that were contending for the Barclays Premier League. As time goes on people started talking, and we thought that they are being naïve, then the media focused on the foxes and how they mighty surprise us but still we continued convincing ourselves that a team that avoid relegation in 2014/15 season is not capable of winning the league. But today all of us who think we know and love football some much, must eat a humble pie because the foxes proved us wrong.


They have shown us that stats doesn’t matter and in football there’s always a new start. With all their hard work and commitment they have produced what football analyst least expected. Claudio Ranieri and the team done the unpredictable in an astonishing and amazing way with players that were barely known. Players such as Vardy, Mahrez, Kante, Orkazaki just to name a few were not receiving much attention at the beginning of the season. But today perhaps the big teams have learnt a lesson that it’s little things in football that hurt you, I guess from today they will start closely analysing small performing teams before they go on the field.

Congratulations Leicester City you have made a lot of people fell in love with football again. Your performance is a manifestation of  the saying which says “let them talk while you take action”, you’ve shown courage, commitment, hard work and resilience during adversity. I guess your performance have attracted prospective supporters around the world who will be standing by you next season when you compete in the champions league. And that is the reason I will continue watching the English football because of its competitiveness and the surprises it offer.

These are situations that make us dream and believe in our dreams, furthermore it ignite the feeling that anything is possible in life as long as you know what you want and do what is expected in order to make your dreams a reality

Wait……… Did Leicester knew they will win the League?? You never Know……..


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